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Kung Fu Panda

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or..Politically Correct by Showing a Talking Panda Kungfu Master with PANTS

There is a reason why we love animated movies with talking animals in it. Because humans suck. Cause we animate movies, you know, just to have a Panda making noodles and doing kick ass kung fu.

Cause as much as we like fuckfest movies and dramas and torture porns, we LOVE cartoons! Theres a kid in every single one of us. And I love laughing at a joke that is not intelligent nor it is an innuendo. Just plain pandas getting kicked in the butt, or pandas falling down, or tigers getting sat on by a panda. Those things ARE funny!

Kung Fu Panda is sole animation mastery by DreamWorks, which had only been previously mastered by Pixar. There is very few memorable animations about talking animals. I hated The Wild, or Over the Hedge, or whatevers movie with talking animals interacting with humans. If you are going to make animals talk, you might as well dont have to be so correct by placing them with humans. You should make a whole city with animal residents! You should have rhinoceroses as prison wardens! Bunnies and pigs as citizens!

The story’s about Po, who is a waiter at a noodle joint and has a goose for a father (well i’d say hes adopted, but its a touchy subject). Po dreams of being a kung fu warrior and worships the Furious Five, the mightiest warriors of all China. The Furious Five is comprised of a tigress, a mantis, a snake, a baboon and a crane. Pure awesomeness!

Then one day, Po was accidentally chosen as the Dragon Warrior, destined to fight off the enemy that is coming at their village. At first, Po, a flabby Panda with a lovable sense of humor doubts that he is indeed the Dragon Warrior. So did everyone. But we know how these works right? We love the predictable family film formula about “believing in yourself and that there is nothing you cant do if you put you mind to it”. Right?

Dopeness fctor: 4.5 out of 5.0.

Awesome! You might be blind from all the awesomeness! Haha.


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June 19, 2008 at 1:41 pm

Straight Outta Compton

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Kids, you know what time it is? Time for some old skool hip hop, thats what time it is.


Whatever, I happen to like what I like.

Anyway, listen to the original Straight Outta Compton by the N.W.A below:

And then listen to the cover by Nina Gordon. So different, SO GOOD.

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June 14, 2008 at 5:45 pm

Monster by Urasawa Naoki

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I’m not a fan of anime, I never was. I’m okay with the animation but I have a problem with the strangely dubbed voices which in my opinion lacked testoterones. Maybe all Japanese people talked that way, but oh well.

But boy, I love me some Japanese mangas! One of my favorite author is Urasawa Naoki, the creator of 20th Century Boys, Master Keaton and Monster. All of his mangas have seriously intricate storylines and characters. Sometimes they go back and forth in the timeline, so it makes the reader feel like that they are always a step behind from the story.

Monster is about Dr. Kenzo Tenma, a Japanese neurosurgeon working in Dusseldorf, West Germany in 1986. Dr. Tenma is in conflict  because the young boy whose life he saved grew up to be a mass murderer. Thus we follow Dr. Tenma as he hunt down the boy.

Monster has an awesome characterization, as well as surprisingly accurate and realistic geographical and political condition. It is said to be made to a movie by New Line Cinema sometime in 2009.

Here’s the 1st episode and 1st part of Monster by Urasawa Naoki. Finding the rest in Youtube is very easy. Enjoy!

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June 14, 2008 at 3:55 am

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Jay Brannan – Housewife

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I am officially in love with Mr. Jay Brannan. 

Here’s the official video for his brilliant song, Housewife. You must see!

And here’s the ADORABLE video for Housewife, live @ The Troubadour 1/17/08

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June 13, 2008 at 1:38 pm

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Santogold is so hip, theres not a stereotype that she can fall into. On becoming an artist she has been accusing people of being racist just because she was said to make hip hop music. “Just because I’m black doesnt mean I’ll rap or make r&b music,” she said. So what sound does she make? At first listen, few of her singles sound like baile funk similar to artists like M.I.A or Bonde do Role. After a lot of listen, which I do have her songs on repeat, its starting to sound like a lot musical nonsense blended together creating this unique mixture of 80’s synth pop, dub, dancehall, yes a little bit of rapping here and there, and a lot of head-swaying, ass-shaking music. 

Other than the sound, Maybe Santogold is similar to M.I.A in other ways. Maybe it’s the attitude, or the vibe or having shared a common album producer, Diplo (which is also M.I.A’s ex boyfriend). I don’t know, being reminiscent of M.I.A is kind of a good thing, wouldn’t you say?

Santogold’s debut album, aptly titled the same name, was given four stars out of five in Blender music magazine and was called one of the biggest debut album of the year. I definitely agree.

Download: Creator Vs. Switch & Freq Nasty and You’ll Find A Way (Switch & Sinden Remix).

Listen to You’ll Find A Way (Switch & Sinden Remix):
SantogoldYou’ll Find A Way (Switch & Sinden Remix)

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June 13, 2008 at 6:22 am

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You\'ve to Get On to Get Off

or...How Happy People Can Still Be with AIDS

Shortbus is porn! Dont let the movie review sites make you believe otherwise. But what kind of porn is it though? If youre looking for a guy performing self-fellatio while getting watched across the building porn, then go on right ahead. 

This movie, as uncomforting and cringing and makes me resize my DVD player window to a indiscernible size as it is, carries out decent conversations (when the characters are not having sex) and have actually won awards at film festivals (winning multiple awards at the Athens, Zurich, and Gijon Film Festivals). And a standing ovation too! I guess people were amzed at the directors accomplishment to show that many naked people without anybody in the audience getting a hard on.

Pretty good for an under $2 million budgeted porn with virtually unknown cast right? I bet half of the money goes to buy STD vaccines for the cast & crew. Cause with so much sex in the air, you’d feel like could catch a disease by watching this movie.

This movie has pretty decent conversations and a killer soundtrack 

This movie deserves a 3.0 out of 5.0 dope. For the curiosity factor, and for the beautiful soft gay butts you know you want to hump.

Oh just watch the trailer below:

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June 12, 2008 at 4:18 pm

Stefanie Heinzman – Masterplan

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Okay, so she’s born in 1989, but hearing one second of her voice reminds you of someone much much older and refined. She looks like an emo you’d run to at the mall but she sings like a diva with an afro. She sings soul with a little bit of funk. If Joss Stone is your thing, then you’ll love Stefanie Heinzman.

Masterplan is the debut album of Swiss singer Stefanie Heinzman. The songs are powerful and her voice is so much bigger than her.

Masterplan went #1 on the Swiss album chart and its currently my favorite Swedish export.

Watch the Video for Stefanie Heinzman – My Man is a Mean Man below, golden!


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June 12, 2008 at 9:30 am

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