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Hard Candy

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Poster for Hard Candy (2005)I’ve just finished watching Hard Candy this morning. Initially I thought this was going to be slightly Hostel-esque. But there’s no porn here, and thank goodness, way  way less torture. The only torture I get was seeing pretty Patrick Wilson tied up with ice in his balls (alas the no porn label).

But I really like Hard Candy, I really do. It starts with a flirty, sexually suggestive instant message screenshots between lensman319 and thongrrrl,  Judging from the lack of i in grrrl and the triple use of r’s, this girl must be underage. So she says she wants to meet up. The guy agrees right? Turns out thongrrrl is a short haired Ellen Page, who plays 14 year old Hayley and suave looking (but balding, a bit) Patrick Wilson plays Jeff Kohlver alias lensman319, a 30 something photographer.

So they meet, charm the heck out of each other and Hayley suggest they go back to his place to listen to Goldfrapp mp3s (wait, no something is definitely up, right?). So they did, and after refusing a drink that Jeff made, start mixing her own drink for both of them, two glasses of Screwdriver. Umm okay, so it gets worse. She starts taking her clothes off, stripteasing like a little “come fuck me” whore and suggesting that he takes her photos.

Okay, so here is where the movie maker want to call it “the twist.” Turns out, Hayley spiked those Screwdrivers and put Jeff in a chair, arms and legs tied. Now the hunted have become the hunter. Surprising, right? I knowwwwwww. But I love how Hayley wears the red hoodie. I think she was portrayed as the little red riding hood gone bad, right? Gangsta.

Now, the rest, is what you have to see for yourself. The highlights of this movie is the intense one-on-one acting of Ellen Page and Patrick Wilson, even when the dialogs are minimized, their faces are shot close up, so you kinda have to feel for both the protagonist and the antagonist (which is not clear who plays what). Hayley’s smart ass dialogs and Jeff’s pitiful attempts to free himself are all very well written. The coloring is awesome too.

I give this movie 3.5/5. Very worth watching.


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June 10, 2008 at 2:39 pm

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