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The Middle East – Recordings of the Middle East

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Recordings of the Middle East

Recordings of the Middle East

I’ve been listening to countless Kid Cudi songs and watching Kanye West’s videos at 2 AM last night. 

And here’s where the schizophrenia kicks in.

I featured The Middle East on the Song of the Month for March and as much as I love my good old top 40 and the mainstream, popular music, I also love discovering overlooked bands. This has caused quite a stir in numerous indie music blogs across the blogosphere. I say, I’m spreading the word.

Think of how much Ashlee Simpson and Vanessa Hudgens we’ve been fed. Think of these talentless hacks dominating the airplays. Then think of a humble band, self funded without a major record label playing in small venues. Picture them after the show, they’d get back home, chill with friends and maybe squeeze a practice in someone’s basement or garage. No money is wasted on PR’s, stylists and entourages. 

The result: AWE-fucking-SOME

The Middle East are a very unique band out of Townsville in Queensland, Australia. They use various influences from indie to post-rock to folk to ambient etc. and create a magical, hypnotic sound featuring varying instrumentation and gentle, addictive guitar hooks.

Their live shows have been describe as “surreal” and often create a very calm, space-like atmosphere.

So you know, you be all cool by listening to Sigur Ros, Mogwai and Explosions in the Sky. Well, add them up and you’d get this (no kidding! at least in my opinion!), very very atmospheric sound. I’m actually babbling because I have no fucking idea how to describe what they sound like. I just know this is the music to contemplate to. It’s fucking insane! In-fucking-sane! The female vocal that comes in the middle of songs is just epic! 

My favorite tracks are: The Darkest Side, The Fall of Man and Fool’s Gold

Listen to them, if you like them, spread the word.


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March 30, 2009 at 8:42 am

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