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Songs That I Have Cried To.

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(you know..if I wanted to)

Here’s to another random music list that was in my dashboard draft and decided to let out. I think everybody got songs they wanna fucking cry to. Whether its the stupid, similar to your life lyrics, the memories brought back by the song or, just whatever. Sometimes you just want to close your eyes, put on some songs, pray to god it rains today and get in the mood for a little boo hoo, because you know, there’s a little teary eyed, eyeliner wearing emo, in all of us.

1/ Mariah Carey – I Stay in Love

Our favorite 8 octave girl sings a song (and sometimes talk rap) about..well, staying in love and riding shotgun next to your boy. I tried to sing this at karaoke. No one cried.

2/ Jason Mraz – Beautiful Mess

A friend once said, what is it with girls and Jason Mraz? Well I admit, he makes me feel like a beautiful mess. Scratch that. More like Just a Mess. I’m sure you all have this song already.

3/ Explosions in The Sky – Your Hand in Mine

No lyrics to get nonsensical at, this song is just plain emotions pouring out. Convey this to your convenience. Interpret this, listen to this while driving, listen to this until you fall asleep.

4/ Portishead – Music to Fuck To

I do not know why. Do not ask questions.

5/ The Streets – Dry Your Eyes

Maybe because the song keeps telling you to do the opposite, maybe because Mike Skinner is such an emotional Brit, maybe because there is really no more fish in the sea.

6/ Rihanna – We Ride

I dont know what it is with cheesy pop songs and these stupid emotions. All I know is that we ride we ride is till the day that we die. I also sang this at karaoke. People booed. Booed as in, not crying.

7/ Sigur Ros – Svefn G Englar

Another instrumental, gaze-at-your-fucking-shoes winner. Watch out for when the lady screams “is it youu?” This song is 10 minutes long so you can gouge your eyeballs out without having to press rewind.

8/ The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus – Your Guardian Angel

Is this emo enough for you? It is for me.

9/ Usher – Burn

This was when back in high school and everybody was singing this song and you were screaming inside, “Hey my love life is actually, kind of, similar, if not eeriely alike, to Burn. I fuckin feel this song, man. Story of my life right here.” Or maybe thats just me.

10/ Efek Rumah Kaca – Melankolia

My boyfriend says its cheesy. Well, it was on a cloudy morning, and it was his ipod.

11/ Bon Iver – Skinny Love

You know this is recent right? I didn’t exactly cry to this. But I think I pressed rewind so much on my Ipod Shuffle that it broke. Well, maybe just a tear on this one. Big drops, I tell you, big effin drops.

12/ Aqualung – Falling Out of Love

You know Aqualung is like, so great that no one talks about it. Next.

13/ Alicia Keys featuring John Mayer – Lessons Learned

The ultimate, “break up with me but its okay” song, “because youve actually taught me something” song and “now im going to go get a bangin’ haircut and go to the gym you oughta see me now” song. Okay, not really. John Mayer does great as a butt boy that only sings “It’s allright, it’s okay.” Perfect. These are the four words all boys say after ex sex anyway.

14/ Lloyd featuring Ashanti – Southside

Another song I related to in high school. Party jumping, suspension, secret rendezvous(es). Cause we’re from the south! That doesn’t exactly make sense, but hey.

15/ Kanye West featuring John Mayer – Bittersweet

“Have you ever felt like you wanted to kill her, and you mix them emotions with Tequila.” This is just sheer brilliance, I mean, who would rhyme “to kill her” with “Tequila”?


Written by strangelittlegirl

April 7, 2009 at 6:36 pm

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  1. I definitely cried to mariah carey and usher. Sigh.


    April 8, 2009 at 2:25 pm

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