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Mariah Carey – Thanks 4 Nothin’

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Mariah emulates her favorite Basic Instinct scene

Mariah emulates her favorite Basic Instinct scene

In terms of female singers, I think that Mariah Carey is on top of her game. Sure she had a breakdown, who doesnt? Hers just happen to be very public. We see what happenned to Whitney Houston and her coke habit, we see Janet Jackson with tits out and a very embarassing flop of a tour. Then we have legends like Aretha Franklin and Gladys Knight who’s all great but no new stuff and only comes out for Gala’s or charity dinners and inaugurations. Then we have singers like Beyonce, who I might say is worthy being Mariah’s next of kin.

And when E=MC2 comes out, Mariah was in competition with Madonna. That “4 Minutes” song? Seriously? That’s what crap would sound like if we listen to it for 4 minutes. I liked Madonna, you know, in Vogue, Like a Virgin, Papa don’t Preach, and that song with the burning cross. Back then she was something. Now Madonna’s just a gimmick with really toned arms and a ridiculous fetish for men half her age. (Okay Mariah did marry Nick Cannon, but at least she didnt divorce a perfectly good, appropriate husband). And Guy Ritchie couldve done so much better than Madonna, Madonna stopped being sexy in 1998. I dont get why she’s still relevant. Madonna sucks ass big time. She’s a circus performer, like Britney, like Lady Gaga (who in my opinion tries way way WAY too hard it becomes awkwardly funny).

So here I have another song which I love from E=MC2 called Thanks 4 Nothin’ Mariah’s songs alwas makes me feel something. If you dont, then you’re a heartless bastard. Ha!

Listen: Mariah Carey – Thanks 4 Nothin’


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June 13, 2009 at 7:13 pm

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