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The Maine – I Wanna Love You

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Akon’s and Snoop Doggs ode to pleasing random women in clubs, I Wanna Love You, or rather, I Wanna Fuck You if they were being honest, was insanely good. But theres just too much bump and grind than I can tolerate. Its too crunk for my liking. Still, I did play that song about 2 million times in my Itunes.

Did I mention I like to get crunk? Of course, by crunk I mean CRUDE and DRUNK and FLUNKing all my classes.

Ehm. Now, I’ve found a replacement.

This band is called The Maine, and they were a part of the album Punk Goes Crunk, which was released back in April 2008. They’re so so good.

So, get up off your computer chairs, and love up on one another. This is the Maine, live at DeepRockDrive, enjoy!


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July 23, 2008 at 2:03 pm

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